Links for Canada and the western Provinces
Links über Canada und die westlichen Provinzen

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Vancouver - City of Vancouver 
Vancouver - Vancouver Aquarium 
Vancouver - Paddlewheeler Boat Tours 
Vancouver - Capilano Bridge 
Vancouver - Cypress Mountain 
Vancouver - Grouse Mountain 
Vancouver - Vancouver International Airport 
Vancouver - Lynn Canyon Ecolocy Centre 
Vancouver - Mount Seymour 
Vancouver - Stanley Park 
Vancouver - Blooming Boulevards 
Vancouver Scenes  Beautiful Photo Presentation 
Vancouver - Picture Story 
Vancouver - Vancouver Heritage 
Vancouver - Vancouver - The West End 
Vancouver - Vancouver - Hiking in the Vancouver area 
Vancouver - North Vancouver - WestVancouver
Vancouver - Network B&B North shore 
Victoria -
Victoria (City of Victoria) 
Victoria -
Royal BC Museum 

Vuntut National Park